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Google,from Hero to Big Brother???

Google’s very reason on such wild fire widespread popularity is that it didn’t give two hoots about advertisers.Their first preference has always been to provide the cleanest ,fastest,most relevant information to its users from day one and all its activities has been centered around it. IT follows the Do No Evil philosophy which basically is meant to safe guard the interests of the users….

For a long time they didn’t want to put advertisements in their search engine but of course they couldn’t continue operations without making money so the started the Sponsored Links. Their basic premise has been to be the best source of information for users around the world. Thus they started Google News.When they felt consumers wanted info on the best possible deals around the world they started Froogle.Recently they started Google Scholar for all the academicians .Now they have an ambitious project to make available online all the information in all the books in all the libraries in the world.Im sure they will be successful in that too. Google slowly is getting into an all encompassing software for anything related to information.Be it search,storage,action,analysis or processing….Everything u need will be provided by Google.

Now comes a passing thought.Stop and think for a second if thats a good thing or a bad thing. Google has now data on everyones preferences of shopping through Froogle,The news we listen to through News, The information people store through the Google Spreadsheets, The associations and networks of people through Orkut, access to personal and professional emails thru GMail,your personal thoughts through Blogger,find your house through Google Maps.Soon they will be offering services of free delivery of our most commonly ordered goods to our door steps. There is something eerie and scary about someone having access to all the information about you,your movements,your thoughts.WE are now believing Google information blindly.We do not stop to verify it at all.

Will this philosophy of Do No Evil Last for ever….All this information can be deadly dangerous in the wrong hands. Larry and Sergey are young now,but imagine a day 25 years from now when Google has become synonmous with its name is into a googol number of things and Larry and Sergey have to pass the mantle to someone else. What will happen then??? Its a public company and being a public company makes it accountable to its shareholders and shareholders want money and i find that heavily contradictory to the Do No Evil philosophy….What if Google is taken over by the governement of worse used by the government without the knowledge of the people.??

Aren’t we back in Geroge Orwell’s book 1984……I shudder still with such a thought and can’t stop to think about the famous quotes in 1984

War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is Strength

Is it possible that a Co that started with the premise of Information is Strength will end up saying those last lines??? I don’t know but its just a thought….Would the Google Life end up in Google heaven or Google hell????Think abt it

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