Azim Premji on The Changing World

This is very interesting and inspiring speech by Azim Premji At the 37th Annual Convocation 2002, IIM, Ahmedabad 37th Annual Convocation 2002, IIM, Ahmedabad.

In this speech he share guiding principles of staying afloat in a changing world based on his experience in Wipro. In this speech he speak about 11 different lesson to learn  to adapt  change in our life.

(1) Be alert for the first signs of change.
(2) Anticipate change even when things are β€œAnticipate change even when things
     are going right.
(3) Always look at the opportunities that change represents.
(4) Do not allow routines to become chains.
(5) Realize that fear of the unknown is natural.
(6) Keep renewing yourself.
(7) Surround yourself with people who are open to change.
(8) Play to win..!!
(9) Respect yourself. The world will reward you on your successes.
(10) Never change: your core values.
(11) We must remember that succeeding in a changing world is beyond just

at last, beautiful quote from Azim Premji’s speech @ IIM-A convocation.

Change is the Only thing that will Never change. So better adapt to it.

If one desires a change, one must be that change before that must be that change before that change can take place

Check out PPT for complete speech.

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Net entrepreneurhip

at last this weekend I get time to write about my favorite topic – entrepreneurship. As internet revolution is booming again and Web 2.0 is in very much demand nowadays, I thought why not right about Net entrepreneurship. India is becoming global IT hub but there are very few .com companies which is
able to sustain them self after .com bubble burst. So, I thought about wirting this post in Indian context only, but in later part will write about some other net entrepreneur also.

If we talk about India, there are few companies which started before .com bubble burst but very few companies coming up with innovative idea in this Web 2.0 ( I am not able get any new Web 2.0 company from India, except, if you have more info about Web 2.0 company from India plz post it here)

Companies like, which is started around 8-10yrs are some of the successful company in India, later on some travel site also came up with successful business model but they were not started by any individual person but most of them are just a new initiative taken by company already running travel business. (I found which is amoung few successful travel company started by Deep Kalra) Another successful internet start up is which is started by Alok Kejriwal, this company organize online
contest for many company to reach out to young audiences. 2nd one is, online movie rental company started by Raghav Kher.

Now, as Web 2.0 revolution is booming again, this successful companies have enough fund to start new companies with some new innovative business model. For example, success of Contest2Win Alok Kejriwal started two new company Games2Win and Mobile2Win, Anupam Mittal o also started new
sites like and Bikhchandani of started and

As Indian economy growing faster, it’s easy to get VC fund for new startup compare to earlier. Earlier it was not easy to get funds from VC or any other financial institution for internet start up, but now because of some successful startup many VC funds and financial institution like ICICI Venture and some other are ready to support new venture in internet world.

“Today investors are ready to give high valuations to Net companies and want to grab companies that have a first-mover advantage in their space. Or those that have a dominant market share, a good brand and, of course, if they already are profitable,”
               – Bala Deshpande (Director, ICICI Venture)

Now, if we take a look outside India there are many highly successful Web 2.0 companies making millions of dollar and have very large user/customer base. Some of most successful Web 2.0 startup are MySpace, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr, Digg, Facebook etc. All this startup is very successful and made millions of dollar thru their innovative business model or selling themself to some BIG copmany. For Example MySpace bought by Fox Interactive for $580 million, YouTube bought by Google for $1.6 billion and Facebook founder already rejected $1 billion offer from Yahoo!

If we talk about US, it seem to be far ahead of any other country in terms of Net entrepreneur. even Teenage students are becoming entrepreneur like Laima Tazmin (Age 17) have her own web site design company LAVT. This company earned $25,000 in 2006. another example is Omar Faruk (Age 18) running web
management company called BlueStream. His company grossed $40,000 in 2006 and earned Faruk the Youth Entrepreneur of the Year award given out by Ernst & Young and the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship. At last but not least one of the best example for teenage entrepreneurship is of Jack Fisher & Weina Scott (both Age 17) who started SwitchPod, a podcasting website. It was very successful and later on sold their business to Pittsburgh based Wizzard Software for $2,00,000.This sale also provide both founder with annual salaries of $40,000 for a 20-hr workweek.

Wanna be millionaire like all this Net entrepreneur?? there are still huge scope for business on the Net, most common Web business models are like Product sales, Services sales, Information delivery and ofcourse e-commerce.

Opportunities as only as finite as your imagination

All the best.

Reference : article on Net entrepreneur and US teenage entrepreneur.

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Steve Jobs – An innovator and A Dreamer

        Steve Jobs – I would say an Innovator and A                Dreamer. A man who saved Apple from going bankrupt.     He is one of the best CEO in Fortune 500 company who     is a very good speaker also. His simplicity (yeah..             watch any his of keynote address.. no showoff like             any other suit, no tie.. jst a simple         blue jeans and T-shirt) and art of working that appeal     me most.

        recently I watch “Pirates of Silicon Velly” movie, it’s     about Apple and Miscrosoft… Steve Jobs V/s Bill             Gates.. after watching this movie I came to know             many thing about Steve Jobs, and as he is one of my role model.. writing this entire post to Steve Jobs only.

Steve jobs born in San Francisco on 24th Feb, 1995. He was put up for adoption by his unmarried mother. Jobs did his schooling in California after that he joined HP, where he met Steve Wozniak (with whom he later founded Apple). After school he joined Reed College (at that time Reed College was almost as expensive as Stanford). After 6mth he couldn’t see any value in it so he dropped out and started leaning calligraphy.(thats the main reason why Mac have wonderful fonts like serif ans san sarif)

in 1974, he joined Atari, after bad experience with Atari along with Steve Wozniak, he decided to start his own company, thats how Apple started on 1st April, 1976 (It’s not a April fool πŸ™‚ ) they designed Apple I and Apple II and later on introduce The Macintosh.

At Apple Steve was very charismatic leader but because of internal politics he got fired from Apple in 1985.

We had just released our finest creation β€” the Macintosh β€” a year earlier, and I had just turned 30. And then I got fired. How can you get fired from a company you started? Well, as Apple grew we hired someone who I thought was very talented to run the company with me, and for the first year or so things went well. But then our visions of the future began to diverge and eventually we had a falling out. When we did, our Board of Directors sided with him. So at 30 I was out. And very publicly out. What had been the focus of my entire adult life was gone, and it was devastating.

                       — Steve jobs @ Stanford Commencement speech

After get fired from Apple, He started NeXT Computer and later on Pixar ( Pixar created worlds 1st animated film, The Toy Story). In 1996, Apple bought NeXT comuputer.. so Steve Jobs back to the company he founded :). and after in his keynote address in 1997 @ Bostan, he announce partnership with Microsoft..the moment that no one expected. In this keynote address Jobs delivered a speech which later on became Apple’s one of the best Ads.. Think Different campaign.

…You still have to think differently to buy an Apple computer. The people who do buy them do think differently…they are the creative spirits of this world. They’re the people who are not just out to get a job done, they are out to change the world…A lot of times people think they’re crazy. But in that craziness, we see genius. And those are the people we’re making tools for.

                                              β€” Steve Jobs, Macworld 1997 @ Boston

than onwards both Apple and Steve Jobs never looked back, Apple introduce product after every successful product. Its all started with launching of Mac OS X then iMac, ibook, iTunes, iPod and now latest one iphone. he became iCEO of

Steve Jobs has very charismatic and aggressive personality, he is wellknown for hos electrifying presentation.. anyone who watch his keynote address can tell he is one of the extraordinary speaker. He is magnificent. whatever other people talk about this managerial style, but he is very dedicated to his company, Steve Jobs works for an annual salary of Us $1, and so he hold a world record as the “Lowest paid CEO” in Guinness World Records.

apart from his business career, in his personal life Steve jobs is very philosophical man himself. after drop out from Reed College he came to visit India in search of philosophical enlightenment. You can not down about his philosophy better from his speech at Stanford University.

“If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.”

“No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don’t want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life’s change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new. Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away. Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.”

— Steve jobs @ Stanford Commencement speech

I think I have taken enough of your time reading this post and written much about Steve jobs, so now in the end just putting one of the best part I like from his speech @ Stanford Uni.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma β€” which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

“You’ve got to find what you love”‘ thats what Steve jobs says πŸ™‚

Related Link : Steve Job’s speech at Stanford University
                    Steve Job’s Macworld Boston 1997 keynote address

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Indian Business Women

Another boring lecture.. and as usual I had nothing to do.. so this time I thought about business in India…recently I read Business Today Feb 07 issue about Best Indian Bank in this issue I came to know about top bank in India and what I observe that only two woman in top management of this banks.. one in ICICI and 2nd in HSBC.. so I thought about writing this article on Indian Business Woman..

In India we have very less woman in company’s top management compare to other countries like US,UK. in US there are many woman in top management of some of the best well known company.. but now picture in India is changing too… many woman in India playing significant role in Indian company and many MNC also. But still entrepreneurship is somehow not very popular among Indian businees woman except few woman entrepreneur like,Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Shahnaz Hussain.

Here I listed some of torch bearer business woman in India

1) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (Chairman, Bicon)
2) Chanda Kocchar (Deputy MD, ICICI Bank)
3) Lalita Gupte (Joint MD, ICICI Bank)
4) Naina Lal Kidwani (Chief Executive, HSBC India)
5) Shahnaz Hussain (CEO, Shahnaz Herbals)
6) Ela Bhatt (Founder, SEVA)
7) Simone Tata (Chairman, Trent Ltd)
8 ) Sulajja Motawani (Joint MD, Kinetic Engineering)
9) Vidya Chaabria (CMD, Jumbo Group)
10) Renu Karnad (Executive Director, HDFC)

Globally also some of Indian woman mark their presence in top management. Like,

1) Indra Nooyi (President, Pepsi Co.)
2) Padmasree Warrior (Chief Technology Officer, Motorola)
3) Sukhinder Singh Cassidy (VP- Asia Pacific & Latin America, Google)
4) Naina Lal Kidwani (Board of Directors, Nestle)

there is not many reference book available in India regarding woman entrepreneur, but one such book on woman entrepreneur is “The Voyage to Excellence” written by two student Debashish Ghosh (IIT, Madras) & Nischinta Amarnath (Stella Mary’s College, Chennai).

let’s hope next generation of Indian business woman follow same path and make a difference in corporate world.

Some useful link :

50 Most Powerful Women in Business

10 Highest Paid Woman

Rising Star

Update : I find an interesting survey about indian businesswoman on

Ques : Biggest obstacle an Indian businesswoman faces..

           (1) Glass ceiling
           (2) Family pressure
           (3) Males don’t want female bosses

Result :  Total 3089 votes
             36% Glass ceiling (1140 votes)
             31% Family pressure (977 votes)
             31% Males don’t want female bosses (972 votes)

PS : for those who don’t know Glass ceiling. Click Here

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Formula for successful company and business career

This post will be interesting to read.. Go Ahead… read it..

I was getting bored in HBO (Human Behavior in  Organization) that teach us how to behave in Organization… I never find this subject interesting… they can’t teach us how to behave in real life just by teaching us theory in classroom, so I have nothing to do in this lecture.. I started wondering anything.. and then one idea struck in my mind.. What is secret behind some of biggest and well known companies in the world?

with little bit brainstorming I get this two thing common in some of successful company of world.. here it is

1) To start your own company, you should get your best friend with you and
    start  your business, bcoz I find some of the world best company started
    by two best friend. Like,

     Apple – Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak
     Microsoft – Bill Gates & Paul Allen
     Yahoo! – David Filo n Jerry Yang
     HP – David Packard & William Hewlett
     Google – Larry Page & Sergey Brin

     Wikipedia – Jimmy Donal Wales & Larry Sanger

2) Start your company in garage πŸ™‚
    yes, you read it right…  some of the best company initially started in garage
    some of them are,
    HP, Apple, Infosys, Google (Google’s first office was in garage) and
    Amazon (not much sure).

   and if you live in India there is 3rd option for you. study from study engineering    from IIT and MBA from IIM.

 Some of well know person who studied from IIT/IIM

 Rajat Gupta  – B. Tech (mechanical eng), IIT-Delhi (McKinsey)

 Arun Sarin – IIT Kharagpur (Vodafone CEO)

 N R Narayanmurthy – IIT Kanpur (Founder of Infosys)

 Nandan Nilekeni – IIT Bombay ( Infosys CEO)

 Indra Nooyi -IIM Calcutta (Pepsi Co. President)

 Arun Netravali – IIT Bombay (former President of Bell Laboratories)

 Suhas Patil – IIT Kharagpur (Founder Cirrus Logic)

 R Subramanian – IIT Madras & IIM Ahmedabad (Founder of Subhiksha Retail )

 Sanjeev Bikhchandani – IIM A (Founder of

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How to become a billionaire !!!

some time ago, I saw the Forbes’ rich list. It has always been wonderful to read about the successful juntas across the world. I explored web world to find out some facts and trivias about these billionaires. I picked names of the top 200 guys, and I couldn’t stop my analytical skills to get something interesting facts that was unknown to me before


Facts behind Top 200 Richest People across the World

The findings are divided into 4 categories (no more, I guess)…. Educational Background, Age group, Professions, and the source of Fortune.


I. Drop Outs

1. Total number is 17 (out of 200)
2. “Microsoft” rulez…as its 2 founders and CEO, all 3 are dropouts.
3.  6 (from17) are from “IT industry” and have founded the best companies
    of  sillicon valley, viz-a-viz, Microsoft, Dell, Apple, and Oracle.
4. After IT, 5 are in “investments” and 4 have acquaintance
    with “media/entertainment” industry.
5. 5 were dropped out after studying hign schools.
II. Study-Area

1)  25   —– MBA (Master of Business Administration)
2)  101 —– Bachelor’s degree (Arts/Science)
3)  9     —– Master of Science
4)  18   —– Doctorate
5)  12   —– High School
6)  1     —– Medical Doctor
III. Study-Location
1)  77 have completed their education in “United States(US)”
2)  10  —– Harvard University
3)  9    —– Stanford University
4)  5    —– Yale University
5)  4    —– Massachusetts Institute of Technology; University of Texas-Austin
6)  3    —– Columbia University; Princeton University


30-40     —–  14
40-50     —– 40*
50-60     —– 26
60-70     —– 43*
70-80     —– 39
80-90     —– 27
90+        —– 5

I. Geographic Distribution

If we pick the list of top-200 and take the countries having more than 5 billionaires in the top-200 list—

Country              Average Age     No of Billionaires(out of 200)
Russia                     46                              21
India                       56                               8
Saudi Arabia             56                               8
Canada                    58                               7
United States           65                               66
Japan                      69                                7
Germany                  70                               22
France                     71                                6
Sweden                   72                                5
Hongkong                78                                8

  • The youngest breed of billionaires came from Russia. India, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and US are successors.
  • United States(66) has the largest number of billionaires. The others in the list are Germany(22) and Russia(21)
  • The software and technology industry has the lowest average age — 53 yrs

II. Age below 50 and Professions

Total                                                   53
Software and Technology                       10
Oil/Gas                                                 8
Mining/Lumber                                       6
Manufacturing                                        4
Finance, Diversified(each)                        3
Investments, Pharmaceuticals(each)          2


Software & Technology       22
Retailing                          19
Manufacturing                   17
Media/Entertain                 17
Oil/Gas                            17
Finance                            15
Real Estate                      13
Investments                     12
Diversified                        12
Mining/Lumber                    9
Pharmaceuticals                  7
Food                                  6
Apparel                              5
Service                               5
Engineering/Construction      5
Beverages                          4
Gambling /Leisure               4
Shipping/Transport              3
Communications                 2

  • In the list of 21 Russian richest juntas, 9 are from Oil/Gas industry and 7 are from Mining industry
  • In the list of 22 richest juntas fro Software & Technology industry, 13 are from US and 3 are from India

Self-made                         117
Inherited & Growing            43
Inherited                           40

  • Most self-made billionaires come from the age group of “Below 50” —> 43

Suggestions …….. 2 become a billionaire

1.    Drop your education or make a situation to be dropped out and start a
       career  in Software/ Technology or Investments. and try to
       make  acquaintance with media industry

2.    Study in United State.

3.    Do MBA

4.    Must complete your bachelor’s degree

5.    Go to Harvard/Stanford

6.    If ur age is below 50, u have more chances; otherwise u’ll have to wait
       until 60.if crossed 80 or 90… u r having least chance

7.    Don’t stare at the records and leave the plan to move Russia.
       all young juntas made money in the 90’s

8.    Young juntas move to India, Saudi Arabia, and Canada or US.
       old juntas go to Japan, Germany, France, and Sweden.

9.    Software & Technology industry has more chances. for young juntas and
       for gonna-be-self-made-billionaire-juntas

10.   If u can find Time-machine somewhere, make sure u move to Russia,
       15 years back, and being placed in oil/gas or mining industry.

11.   Otherwise…… dropped out after ur high schools

12.   Never go to Denmark/Colombia and start Agriculture/Chemical company.
        u’ll hv to wait until u become 90.

And take my wishes to make an entry in the list……..
Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!  πŸ™‚

Birth of Virgin Atlantic

The following speech by Richard Branson (at the 4th Madhavrao Scindia Memorial Lecture) proves my point; the situation he found himself in could have been that of ANYONE of us, in fact, there were a number of people who were in the same situation. Only, he decided to look for a solution.

“In ’79, when Joan, my fiancee and I were on a holiday in the British Virgin Islands, we were trying to catch a flight to Puerto Rico; but the local Puerto Rican scheduled flight was cancelled. The airport terminal was full of stranded passengers. I made a few calls to charter companies and agreed to charter a plane for $2000 to Puerto Rico. Cheekily leaving out Joan’s and my name, I divided the price by the remaining number of passengers, borrowed a blackboard and wrote: VIRGIN AIRWAYS: $39 for a single flight to Puerto Rico. I walked around the airport terminal and soon filled every seat on the charter plane. As we landed at Puerto Rico, a passenger turned to me and said: “Virgin Airways isn’t too bad – smarten up the services a little and you could be in business.”

That, my friends, is how VIRGIN ATLANTIC began!! Can you believe it? A mad hatter’s flight was cancelled, and look what he came up with.

He goes on to add: “When VA was launched in ’84, not one person thought it would survive for more than a year. The bosses of these 13 big American airlines, that we competed with, said we’d fail. Now 21 years later, all 13 of them are out of business – proving the number 13 is unlucky for some.”

Wow. What a guy!!

“I stand at the end of no tradition. I may,perhaps stand at the beginning of one.”   – Richard Branson

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