Just like that…. !!!

Hi, Friends..

long time I not posted anything on my blog, as my MBA 3rd sem. going on, little bit busy with assignments and exam. right now my mid term exam going on.. so, will be back after midterm exam 🙂

till than you can enjoy reading some  old post on my blog. here I am posting link to top post of my blog.

Rat Race
Company Name and Origin
5 things B-School don’t teach
How to become a billionaire
When you can’t earn an MBA
Indian Business Women
The story about how Stanford University began

or I recommend you to read some good book that I read,

Business :

1) Made in Japan – Akio Morita
2) Straight from the Gut – Jack Welch
3) The Google Story – David A. Vise
4) Snapshot from Hell – Peter Robinson

Fiction :

1) Foutainhead – Ayn Rand
2) Angels & Demons – Dan Brown
3) The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho


1) It’s not about the Bike – Lance Armstrong

I think it’s enough for some time 🙂
will be back soon..

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  1. vinnie Says:

    Kenyan at 25 and working on my dream,
    You guys are just great.
    no words that can describe your tips on this.more hints will do me good thanks,bravo

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