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Another boring lecture.. and as usual I had nothing to do.. so this time I thought about business in India…recently I read Business Today Feb 07 issue about Best Indian Bank in this issue I came to know about top bank in India and what I observe that only two woman in top management of this banks.. one in ICICI and 2nd in HSBC.. so I thought about writing this article on Indian Business Woman..

In India we have very less woman in company’s top management compare to other countries like US,UK. in US there are many woman in top management of some of the best well known company.. but now picture in India is changing too… many woman in India playing significant role in Indian company and many MNC also. But still entrepreneurship is somehow not very popular among Indian businees woman except few woman entrepreneur like,Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Shahnaz Hussain.

Here I listed some of torch bearer business woman in India

1) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (Chairman, Bicon)
2) Chanda Kocchar (Deputy MD, ICICI Bank)
3) Lalita Gupte (Joint MD, ICICI Bank)
4) Naina Lal Kidwani (Chief Executive, HSBC India)
5) Shahnaz Hussain (CEO, Shahnaz Herbals)
6) Ela Bhatt (Founder, SEVA)
7) Simone Tata (Chairman, Trent Ltd)
8 ) Sulajja Motawani (Joint MD, Kinetic Engineering)
9) Vidya Chaabria (CMD, Jumbo Group)
10) Renu Karnad (Executive Director, HDFC)

Globally also some of Indian woman mark their presence in top management. Like,

1) Indra Nooyi (President, Pepsi Co.)
2) Padmasree Warrior (Chief Technology Officer, Motorola)
3) Sukhinder Singh Cassidy (VP- Asia Pacific & Latin America, Google)
4) Naina Lal Kidwani (Board of Directors, Nestle)

there is not many reference book available in India regarding woman entrepreneur, but one such book on woman entrepreneur is “The Voyage to Excellence” written by two student Debashish Ghosh (IIT, Madras) & Nischinta Amarnath (Stella Mary’s College, Chennai).

let’s hope next generation of Indian business woman follow same path and make a difference in corporate world.

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Update : I find an interesting survey about indian businesswoman on

Ques : Biggest obstacle an Indian businesswoman faces..

           (1) Glass ceiling
           (2) Family pressure
           (3) Males don’t want female bosses

Result :  Total 3089 votes
             36% Glass ceiling (1140 votes)
             31% Family pressure (977 votes)
             31% Males don’t want female bosses (972 votes)

PS : for those who don’t know Glass ceiling. Click Here

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  1. Goli Says:

    Today morning only I was seeing this report on CNN-IBN, about a group of women, who had been victims of voilence, sexual abuse, coming together and starting a canteen. They further plan to start an NGO. They are taking an inspiring path, victims->survivors->activist.

  2. Drushti Says:

    Went through the article …quite informative…I have the hard copy of the Business today when Anu Aga, Naina lal Kidwai and Chanda Kocchar were the top three powerful women…I dont remember the year…Good work man !! šŸ™‚

  3. ranjhith Says:

    Thanks for the “Glass_Ceiling” link! šŸ™‚

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