Formula for successful company and business career

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I was getting bored in HBO (Human Behavior in  Organization) that teach us how to behave in Organization… I never find this subject interesting… they can’t teach us how to behave in real life just by teaching us theory in classroom, so I have nothing to do in this lecture.. I started wondering anything.. and then one idea struck in my mind.. What is secret behind some of biggest and well known companies in the world?

with little bit brainstorming I get this two thing common in some of successful company of world.. here it is

1) To start your own company, you should get your best friend with you and
    start  your business, bcoz I find some of the world best company started
    by two best friend. Like,

     Apple – Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak
     Microsoft – Bill Gates & Paul Allen
     Yahoo! – David Filo n Jerry Yang
     HP – David Packard & William Hewlett
     Google – Larry Page & Sergey Brin

     Wikipedia – Jimmy Donal Wales & Larry Sanger

2) Start your company in garage 🙂
    yes, you read it right…  some of the best company initially started in garage
    some of them are,
    HP, Apple, Infosys, Google (Google’s first office was in garage) and
    Amazon (not much sure).

   and if you live in India there is 3rd option for you. study from study engineering    from IIT and MBA from IIM.

 Some of well know person who studied from IIT/IIM

 Rajat Gupta  – B. Tech (mechanical eng), IIT-Delhi (McKinsey)

 Arun Sarin – IIT Kharagpur (Vodafone CEO)

 N R Narayanmurthy – IIT Kanpur (Founder of Infosys)

 Nandan Nilekeni – IIT Bombay ( Infosys CEO)

 Indra Nooyi -IIM Calcutta (Pepsi Co. President)

 Arun Netravali – IIT Bombay (former President of Bell Laboratories)

 Suhas Patil – IIT Kharagpur (Founder Cirrus Logic)

 R Subramanian – IIT Madras & IIM Ahmedabad (Founder of Subhiksha Retail )

 Sanjeev Bikhchandani – IIM A (Founder of

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5 Responses to “Formula for successful company and business career”

  1. Maulik Says:

    Bang on target Bro!
    Ya I knew that U were bored out of the subject like OB bcoz mam was teaching us theory. But nice to see such an interesting post after a long time. Keep it up…

  2. Taslim Says:

    Or else join really Big name ..and then drop out..
    Like Steve jobs???

  3. ravithesun Says:

    @ Taslim..
    well said
    chk out this post :

    Microsoft both founder were dropout, followed by other big company’s founder like Dell, Apple, and Oracle.

  4. parth Says:

    hey ravi,

    its right… but most important thing is, you need lots of money and a really impressive project plan for that. So you can get loan from banks! ;)…And of course, very hard work ( without thinking about day or night and benefits)

    keep posting man..


  5. ranjhith Says:

    Hey, Point 1) is really a good observation!! Good effort! >:O)

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