When you can’t earn an MBA

Recently I read book “When you can’t earn an MBA” by Rajesh Setty. as per
this book he inspired by one of Seth Godin article in which he suggested
that “actual experience combined wit a dedicated reading of 30 or 40
books” might be a better use of time and money than an MBA degree.

It’s a good book to read, describing abt what you can do when you can’t
earn MBA degree… he give 10 step alternate approach to MBA.

    at last, he write about 10 Things that one
    have that the people who are  pursuing MBA
    won’t have !!!
   I really like it and after reading it..
    I just tried to give a second thought to it..that to
    invest in an MBA or not to invest in an MBA?

     I posted 10 things that author talk about in book…
     read it and just give a thought….

1 More Time

you have two more years of time on your side. Now, if you just spend
those two year with “zero” investment in yourself, you can be guaranteed
that the MBA route is far better. However, if you design your life to
take advantage of those two years, then the game is different!

2 More Money
You save $100K in fees and earned two more year of income – may be
another $200K. So you literally save $300K

3 Short-Term career advantage

unless someone is doing an executive MBA program, they lose two years of
their career. You don’t !! Again, how your career grows during two years
is entirely up to you. In two years, you should be able to add value to
your organization and grow as a person. If not, you may want to check
your attitude and behavior. There may be problem that even an MBA degree
couldn’t fix.

4. More varied networking opportunities

While you miss opportunities to network inside the MBA program, you get
to network in your workplace, your profession, and your community. The
MBA folks are often so busy that they won’t have any time to network
outside their school.

5 Fewer debts to repay

since you don’t have to borrow money for an MBA program, you don’t have
to worry about those education loan.

6. Opportunity to get more creative
Since you don’t have an MBA and you know that it’s going to be a disadvantage you need to get creative to fill the gap. You will start looking for alternate option. Here’s a quick example. We all know that communication and public speaking are two important skills that you can develop in an MBA program. You could seek out other ways to develop these skills -may be bye joining a group such as Toastmasters Internationals. Instead of spending $100K in tution, you might spend $100 a year in membership dues.

7. More time to develop your strength

In an MBA or any educational program with a set coursework, chances are that you need to study a number of required subjects. This is true even when the subjects are :

         – Not completely relevant in near future
         – Not in your area of strength and/or interests.

Because you aren’t inside formal program, you will have the freedom to focus on the topics that interests you and will move you towards your goal. You can focus on continuing to read and develop your strengths.

8 Time to build your brand

when you are in an MBA program, the course will be so intensive that you
don’t get time to build your brand. Personal Branding is extremely
important in this age of rapid commoditization. You develop a chance to
build a reputation based on real-world action and achievement.
  Two years
of focused investment in building your personal brand may provide you
with a huge competitive advantage over an MBA

9 More Grounded

I have heard time and again that several MBA graduates tend to be “over confident” and assume that they have that extra dash of smartness because
of their MBA degree. You don’t have an MBA so you can’t have that problem. So, in essence you are more grounded on that subject that many MBA graduates.

If you think getting into a good MBA program is hard work, you just have to wait until you get into one.One MBA student remarked to me once that before he joined an MBA program, he had difficulty in grasping the meaning of the term “Time Flies”. He had no problem with that term at the first quarter in his program.

Once you get into an MBA program you really don’t have a choice but to keep running as fast sa you can. You are not alone. Everyone there is running.

If you are not pursuing MBA though, sometimes you can carve out some time to relax 🙂

Confused???? what to do??

well, It all depends on you.. on action you take… If you don’t take any action no knowledge in world can help you… this apply to both the cases here… to do MBA or not to do. If you don’t do MBA and don’t take any action to improve yourself it won’t work and if you do MBA and get the knowledge but still don’t take any action.. it won’t work either

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6 Responses to “When you can’t earn an MBA”

  1. Vivek Says:

    Now thats one of the most useful blogs that I’ve ever read across. It gave me a new dimension to think, and I guess I am happier that I probably went for an MS and honed my technical skills!


  2. ravithesun Says:

    thanks a lot for ur appreciation 🙂
    keep looking for more interesting article on my blog…

  3. daksh Says:

    Ravi dude…

    gud one

    btw did u read Google Story ?

  4. ravithesun Says:

    yup… i m reading it now… jst started it week ago 🙂

  5. Maulik Says:

    Hey Ravi Bhai,
    Very well done. Interesting Article. keep it up…

  6. AjiNIMC Says:

    >> btw did u read Google Story ?
    Can I have link to it, I love to read about Google.

    I am not a MBA but a Techno Manager (MCA which covers one year of MBA, with MBA batches). You are not taught anything in those classes but certainly you can learn many things. We were very lucky to have many entrepreneurs as our professors. I have learned many things there and have no regrets.

    MBA Schools gives you access to the right crowd, an additional confidence and a great great network.

    BTW, i am coming from Inferno Blog Hunt.

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