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Here’s a job that will make you want to rewrite your job description. If you’re in the mood to earn a six-figure salary by sitting at your computer and writing about your life, here’s how to do it.

Imagine a job where you can roll out of bed and climb back in just as quickly to start working. Okay it’s not that kind of job! Welcome to the world of Amit Agarwal, one of the few professional bloggers in India. He may not blog from bed, but the only muscle he uses is between his ears and he’s got a job that gives him the kind of freedom most of us dream of.

Agarwal started blogging two years after quitting his job at a software company and he now earns several lakhs a month. So, how does Agarwal make his millions from It started as a technology blog where you’ll now find everything from ways to get free Windows Vista DVDs shipped to you to creating portraits from your DNA samples. Not the kind of stuff that makes it to the newspapers but just the kind of stuff that more than a million people want to read every month, and these visitors also help him make money.

Professional blogger, Amit Agarwal told CNBC-TV18, “People click on the advertisements, they go to the advertisers website and I make money out of it. Then there are also ads that don’t have to be clicked to make an impression. I also get sponsors who would like to put ads on my blog.”

Working from home, figuring out your own schedule, sounds like the perfect job doesn’t it? But before you give up your day job to become a professional blogger, here are a few things you should do. Agarwal warns, “It’s a very risky business, make sure you have a fall-back plan.”

According to Agarwal, if you want to rewrite your career, you need to be original, post regularly, be consistent with your content and be patient. Agarwal says his blog only started making money after about a year. If you think you can post 5-7 times a day and work 12-hour days, but you want a little something extra to give you an edge, then you could copy Agarwal and nickname your kid Google!

Source : Moneycontrol

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