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yesterday I was just chking my blog statistics…. I m surprised when I chked referral link…. one of those link was from… I clicked on that link… it directed to search page…. this search page shows result for MBA salaries… and my recent post “There’s more to life than fat salaries” was listed there.. (see the 2nd search result on this page) 🙂

here is link of search page that link to my blog

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3 Responses to “My blog on :)”

  1. daksh Says:

    Spell check it’s

    Well it is quite amazing indeed that Forbes has listed your blog than the source rediff.

    But Ravi Kudos for your work .. and I must say that this is an appreciation of your work.

    Kool buddy

    and also i’ve added up comments on my blog

  2. daksh Says:

    the other things is Ravi ..if you search for IIIT on Teknokrati ( don’t know if spelling is wrong)

    there are numerous results. but not much from IIIT,Pune

    Time to buck up for IIIT Bloggers..

    I am sure u must have read Amit Aggarwal’s Blog who is an absolute netalcoholic

  3. ravithesun Says:

    thanks for ur comment… specially for Spell check [Now updated :)]

    well, will do something for I2IT Blogger for sure..

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