Generation Gap : The Father, The Son, and…

recently I read Business World November issue… in this issue there is
a survey abt Indian Youth and some article on Generation Gap.. it is a
very good survey covering almost all the topic related to Indian youth
like Attitude,Ambition,Identity and some more..

in this Generation Gap article I find interesting conversation between
Father and Son.. which I posted below.. ..

No philandering, no fooling around and no drinking. Generation Next believes in serious stuff….after reading it I kept
thinking….does this conversation really represent today’s Indian youth and
parents….specially parents !!!


Father: Hi, son, how’s college?

Son: I’m
doing good, Dad. Got 98 per cent in Maths. The Physics paper didn’t go
so well. I think I will get only 90. But don’t worry, I will make it up
by staying up late and studying.

Father: Who’s worrying? Thank God, I didn’t have Maths in college. I am sure I would have flunked, heh, heh.

Son: Don’t be silly, dad.

Son, I’m serious — you are fresh out of school, you got to enjoy
college, you know what I mean. Go out with the girls, read some
interesting stuff, party, get sloshed. Celebrate your freedom, man.

Son: But dad, I am having a great time. There are some really cool dudes here…

Father: Ah, now you’re talking…

Yes, they are really good at solving these IIT entrance exam problems.
I’ve got it all worked out, Dad. I’ll get into IIT, take the CAT and get into IIM or maybe do my GMAT, work for a few years with an MNC, then get some venture capital and do my own thing.

You know, when I was your age, I was doing my own thing already. I used
to go to Goa every summer. We used to lie on the beach, stoned out of
our minds and there were these firang chicks.

Son: No time for all that, Dad. Besides, I’m not into substance abuse.

Father: Who’s talking about abuse? Next you will tell me you don’t get drunk.

Son: I don’t drink either. Dad, all this drinking and smoking is so uncool. How do you stay fit if you smoke, anyway?

Father: Aha, so that’s what you’re up to, is it? Impressing the girls with your muscles, heh?

Not at all, Dad. How can you work if you aren’t fit? I work out at the
gym every day, I’m into organic food and I’ve also joined yoga classes.

Father: Yoga sounds promising. You should get into transcendental meditation, you know, and from there get into Zen Buddhism, Taoism and, maybe, some Tantric stuff. It is damn good,
you know, I tried all that when I was your age.
Believe me, the insights you get are great. Here’s what you should do —
smoke some good grass and read the Tibetan Book Of The Dead while
listening to Pink Floyd. It is a great experience.

Son: Dad, I am doing yoga just to stay fit. Smoking is bad for one’s health.

Father: Maybe so, son, maybe so. But it’s good for the soul.

Son: Besides, smoking pot is illegal.

Father: That should make it even more interesting. You know, during the
Emergency, the supply of hash suddenly dried up. You can’t imagine the
risks we took to get the stuff. Once the cops raided the joint. Great

Son: Well, right now I’m focused on my studies.

You sure you like this science stuff? I mean remember what Camus said.
Page 1 Myth of Sisyphus, “Whether the earth revolves round the sun or
the sun revolves around the earth is a matter of no importance.” What
matters is how to live.

Son: I know how to live,
thank you. We go out regularly to Pizza Hut. And I have bought a new
iPod and some GAP T-shirts. By the way, who’s Camus?

Forget him. I read a book at your age that I really liked — it was
called Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. I’ll present it to
you. What are you reading these days?

Son: At present I’m reading “Doing C++ in an UNIX environment”. It’s really fascinating.

Father: Son, you know what they say about all work and no play?

But I am part of the organising committee for the college fest, I am
involved in a corporate social responsibility project and I am also
playing some basketball for the college.
All this will look good
on my CV and I can also do some networking. But enough about me, dad.
What are you doing these days?

I’ve been drinking lots of beer, doing some desultory reading and
generally fooling around. Oh, and I have been writing a column. But
seriously I think you should go and get a life, son.

Son: Your sort of life, dad? No thanks, I am better off without it.

Source : Businessworld Nov 2006

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3 Responses to “Generation Gap : The Father, The Son, and…”

  1. ChiragMehta Says:

    Isnt that a little satire …

  2. ravithesun Says:

    i dont think so… bcoz it describe Generation gap between Father n Son… and in this conversation son represent Indian youth… who is serious abt his life and want successful career….

  3. aanondo Says:

    That is an interesting read….
    …. the dad is ‘uncool’ (english has gone to the dogs!) and yet after all the hash and beer remembers what he read on a certain page in a certain book….Wow that is smoking does to your brains 😉

    satire, sure!! and a very good one….

    here is a little something that I wrote…though unrelated …maybe in the same spirit….

    Dad taught me to be a man!

    have fun! life life kingsize (what else cud u expect from a smoker :))

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