I m bored :(

on this lousy Saturday evening… I m totally bored 😦

Sitting alone in a dull, square room,
Wondering why I’m here.
All is quiet, bare and plain.
There is no noise to hear.

The walls are made of layered brick
And painted drab and grey.
There’s no decor or furniture.
The colors have gone away.

I see a window and a door
Set in opposite walls.
Through the window is nature’s realm,
And through the door, man’s halls.

Through the window I can see
The world is all but gone.
The trees and ground are featureless
Life has left, went on.

The plants are dead, the land is flat
No light dares touch the land.
All the trees are straight, but death
Has already waved its hand.

The coulds aren’t moving, the winds aren’t blowing,
The ground gives forth no life.
Silence rules with an iron fist,
And cuts the air like a knife.

Outside the door of stuctured steel
Are shapes that men have made.
The perfect joints and planes and lines
Have no variety.

The floor, and ceiling, and both the walls
Are all exaclty the same.
There’s nothing out of the ususal.
All that is, is plain.

Inside the room I sit and wait
For what I do not know.
My curiosity died and my mind stopped working
At a point some time ago.

All I’m doing is sitting and staring
And I doubt that I have aged,
For I’m not so sure that time has passed.
Oh, will things ever change?

A clock ticks… tocks… ticks…
A goldfish swims in its bowl, around… around… around…
A slug creeps… creeps… creeps…
I am bored… bored… bored…

– Boredom by Chad Belton

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