Some poems

Some poems.. written by my friend Nikhil

Results tommorow

Well just heard the news today
seems my life is going to change
I close my eyes, begin to pray
tears of sorrow stream down my face
Well I don’t know if I’m ready
to be the man I have to be
I take a breath, I take the result in anger
I stand in awe, they’ve created manager
If I had just one wish only one demand
I hope hes not like me I hope he understands
that he can take this life and hold it by the hand
and he can greet the world with arms wide open

lay beside me , tell me what they have done,
speak the words i wanna hear,
to make my demons run,
the door is locked now,
but its open if u are true..
if u can understand the me,
then i can understand the you..
lay beside me , under wicked sky,
black of day , dark of nite,
we share this paradise..
the door cracks open, but teres no sun sining throug..
black heart scarring darker still..
but teres no sun shining thru..

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One Response to “Some poems”

  1. Kanwal Says:

    hahahaha lol how foolish! those are song lyrics:

    with arms wide open by creed
    unforgiven 2 by metallica

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