B-schools don’t teach leadership skills

You can learn about management from an MBA course, but it can’t teach what kind of manager you should be.

need to discover your leadership style on your own: Are you a delegator
or a hands-on manager? Should you lean more towards vision or action?
Do you need to be task-driven or would it be better to build
relationships? These are concepts you learn through 360-degree feedback
and real-life interaction, not in B-school.

B-school can never teach you people skills. Managing teams is often
about building emotional bank accounts with them; that’s something you
can’t learn in an institution. Nor can an MBA course teach you to
identify and recruit senior leaders for your organisation.

there isn’t enough emphasis on execution. Regular process reviews to
ensure strategic initiatives get converted to day-to-day operations is
a critical part of running a business, but B-schools tend to overlook
its importance.

Management education in
India comes up short in dealing with global businesses. Not much
attention is paid to the intricacies of dealing with international
customers and colleagues.

But perhaps
this is an area where practical experience counts more: Real life makes
you better global citizens than any course in an insulated institution
can ever hope to. Another area where B-schools can never hope to
replicate real-life experience relates to the strategic insights and
discoveries around new market developments.

ability to recognise underserved or unserved markets, and act upon that
information, comes only when you are fully engaged in the real world.
New business ideas usually spring from your operating environment, not
from reading about business strategy.

B-schools don’t build in their students an ability to move out of their
comfort zones, whether it is behavioural (the discipline point made
above), or about switching jobs or businesses.

course, I don’t know how much of this is a trainable attribute, but it
is a big part of big successes and needs to be recognised as such.

Source : http://www.rediff.com

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