New Beginning

There comes a time when the meaning of life begins to make sense,
At first it may not,
The sky at first may look dark,
The path one needs to walk down may be hard to see,
Never let a disorder control one’s destiny,
life created will not move forward,
cannot be positive, fulfilling future,
If you let it control your mind, body and soul,
At this point, one cannot give up,
A disorder cannot control,
You control your disorder,
Accept yourself,
Accept your disorder,
Love yourself now and forever,
You were thrown against a corner when you developed epilepsy,
Getting up was not an option,
Now it is,
Today is a new day,
If you stay down life will pass you by,
So help yourself get up,
fight the battle and win,
To win the battle you do not have to stop having seizures,
Winning the battle is teaching you how to live a healthy productive life,
Helping you cope,
Life may not always become what you want them to be,
The road you lead may have some u-turns involved,
Do not fear,
For change can be good,
Follow your path that was laid out for you,
The sun is now shinning,
You can now see your path
There is a plan, a destiny that awaits you,
Do not question your destiny,
Do not ask questions such as “why me?”
Accept the path that has been laid in front of you.
Do not be afraid,
Take one day at a time,
Be proud of who you are,
Walk with courage and your head up high,
Believe in yourself,
Focus on the positive,
For the footsteps imbedded in ground of your new path will become the solid foundation to you future.

-by Stacey Chillemi

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