GenXL? You mean XL as in Extra Large? Fat? Overweight? Gross?

Get a life, dude. GenXL is never fat, never overweight and never — but never — gross. On the contrary. For the XL in GenXL stands not for Extra Large but for Excel. As in the Pursuit of Excellence. For that’s what GenXL is about. Excellence and pursuit. Don’t get me wrong. GenXL does not pursue Excellence. Excellence pursues GenXL. Because GenXL is way out there. Far ahead of the rest. On the cutting-edge horizon of achievement. Excellence doesn’t define GenXL; GenXL defines Excellence. That is why ET — Excellence Times — is writing about GenXL, and not the other way round.

So what’s the gen about GenXL?

To begin with, it’s aged between 20 and 30. Too old for chocolate (unless it’s Belgian, may be), too young for diabetes. GenXL believes in Career. That’s why it careers through life like a Ferrari on steroids. Career doesn’t just come first on GenXL’s list of priorities. It also comes second, third, fourth, and so on. No wonder GenXLers are always toppers. On top of their studies, on top of their jobs. With a median income of Rs 10 lakh-plus. And most of that is spending money. Not taken up by EMIs for home loans. For GenXL, by and large, likes to live with its parents. Doing the laundry? Cleaning dishes? <<Edited on 7th Oct 2006>>

GenXL has other things on its fastfood plate. Like a 24×7 lifestyle. Which means 24 hours of work, followed by 7 hours of partying. That’s every weekday. On weekends, it’s the other way round. GenXL works hard and parties hard. But no drugs or booze, mind you. They get in the way of the early morning 5-mile run, the gym routine, and the hour of yoga and meditation. Art of living? GenXL is a past master at it. Thanks to Ravi Shankar. Who once used to play the sitar with the Beatles, whoever they were.

Marriage? Yeah, well, let’s see where that little thing can be slotted into GenXL’s crowded calendar. How about 2020?

This doesn’t mean that GenXL doesn’t like company and doesn’t have a large social circle. Why, it can, and does, spend hours and hours each day with its best friend. Whose name is iPod. GenXL has lots of other best friends too. And their names are SMS, Palmtop, MP3, 5.1 Surround and, of course, Net. Oh yeah, there’s also the guy (or is it girl?) next door. Name’s Blog.

So what’s GenXL going to do when it grows up? Well, first of all, GenXL doesn’t believe that one grows up. You can only grow down.

OK, so what’s GenXL going to do when it finally grows down?
Holy moly. It’ll become me.


Source : Economic Times 17th Sept 2006


4 Responses to “GenXL”

  1. Megha Says:

    Hey Ravi.. I truly dnt agree with ur Idea of “TODAY’S GENXLs”. I dnt think they r so careless or carefree.. When It comes to their career, they r mature n responsible!! They want to achieve the maximum 4 their Parents.. 4 giving them a better life.. Cumon.. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE them or OVERLOOK their efforts..
    I Agree their way doin things is different, infact, AWKWARD.. BUT.. The Intentions r NOT wrong..

    Tk care..
    Hv a Gud Day!! 🙂

  2. ravithesun Says:

    hey Megha…. I never said that GenXL is careless or carefree…
    read 2nd para carefully.. it says “…. GenXL believes in Career……No wonder GenXLers are always toppers. On top of their studies, on top of their jobs……..For GenXL, by and large, likes to live with its parents. ”

    So… it never says like GenXL is careless or carefree….they like to live with their parents….

  3. Megha Says:

    Ravi.. I think these the most disturbing lines..

    “For GenXL, by and large, likes to live with its parents. Doing the laundry? Cleaning dishes? That’s what domestic appliances are for. Domestic appliances called Mom and Dad.”

    Cumon Ravi.. our parents are NOT DOMESTIC APPLIANCES for us.. N the words “CARELESS” n “CAREFREE” were mentiond in this respect only.. The GENXLs r nt CARELESS or CAREFREE regarding their parents..

  4. ravithesun Says:

    hey Megha… even I get surprised when I read this article… its a such a good article and even I dont agree with this lines….but I thought not to tamper with ut and post it as it is….

    but now I think, I should change it… Thanks 🙂
    [Post Update]

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