No matter what the teacher asks
i’m always at my own task
i’m one of the back benchers
And always at my own ventures
The teacher has come and he has gone,
Lounging on the back bench i always yawn ,
My last bench is the best place two sleep ,
But when the exam comes i always weep ,
“Go and stand at the back !” the teacher shouts,
“your bad performance is just according to my doubts.”
At my sweet bench , come sweetest dreams,
But they soon end when the teacher screams ,
Looking at all this , sometimes i try to deem:
One day i will sit in front and become nation’s cream,
Still , after all i love this sorrowful trench,
As i am writing this poem on the same last bench



  1. Megha Says:

    hey.. its such a gr8 post.. d school days memories hv bcum fresh…
    Thnx ravi.. Gr8 Job..

  2. tanvi Says:

    hey ravi:)….it’s 4 d 1st time m goin thru ur page….uve dun a real gud job ya!! nvr knew abt dis side of urs…..keep goin wid full swing……gud wrk!!

  3. ravithesun Says:

    hey Tanvi… nice 2 c u @ My blog 🙂
    keep looking for more in future too…

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