Why do you believe in God?

today while reading Economic Times, I came across this beautiful article… So can’t resist my self to post it here…

FAITH, like love, is an elusive reality. Most of the people I know “believe in God.” They are also pretty great lovers; they “love a lot”. I don’t know whether it is my type of mind or whether I am haunted by the ghost of Socrates, but I want to know: What is love? What is faith? When the essence of love and faith is distilled, does it consist in having certain feelings?

What happens to love and faith when there are no feelings? In everyone’s life there are days when there are no warm feelings, and when God seems like a dim and distant reality, a word on the lips but no more. Can faith and love come and go?

Something in me wants to be a Socratic gadfly, wants to rip the guts out of words like “love” and “faith,” to find out what is really inside. Many people are not like me. They can read the poetry and sing and songs of love without the slightest need or desire to attempt a definition. They can say, “Of course I believe in God!” without torturing themselves by any further probing. But I am a gadfly. I can’t say “I love you” without knowing what it means to love.

I can’t tell God I believe in him unless I know what it means to believe. If faith really offers man a reason to live and reason to die, I mean, if I am going to gamble my life and death on the option of faith, I had better know what it means, where it comes from and where it will lead me. I had better make sure it has a solid anatomy….

Well, what is faith?

Faith, whether it is faith in another human being or in God, means taking something on the word of another. It implies a new knowledge that can be had only by “taking someone else’s word for it.” If you explain a problem in mathematics to me, and I understand the explanation, I don’t have to take your word that the answer is correct. I can verify it for myself. I don’t have to invest any faith in you. However, if you tell me that you love me and that you will try to make me happy, there is no way you can prove this, and there is no way I can verify it for myself. I must believe in you and your word to me.

In the case of faith in God it is the same. God gives me his word or revelation. If I accept it, if I judge that he has really spoken to me, promising to love me and offering me a reason to live and a reason to die, if I accept him and his message of life, I have in that moment become a believer.

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