What happens when you google?

Google Search


3 Responses to “What happens when you google?”

  1. Megha Says:

    Oh!! Finally I know hw stuff wrks..
    Thnx Ravi.. Looking fwd to sum more interesting Articles..!!Great Effort!! Keep Blogging!! Goodluck!!

  2. ChiragMehta Says:

    Good one but this is tooo old one

    I had this when i was in 6 sem i think
    do take care and enjoy blogging -its gives grt pleasure

    I m placing ur blog link on my blog
    chk it at http://www.ChiragMehta.info/chirag/ on right side in blog roll

  3. ravithesun Says:

    @ Chirag
    Thanks buddy…
    u will find ur blog link on my blog soon 🙂
    nowadys exam near by so mot much blogging… will be back soon

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